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Fix BSNL Broadband DNS problem

If you are in India and have a BSNL DataOne broadband internet connection, you might have experienced this problem quite often. Your connection appears to be OK and all lights glowing on the modem. Your LAN icon is also showing connected. However, you are not able to open any website.

This is a common problem faced by BSNL broadband users. The DNS server they use is not that active to respond.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. When you type, the DNS server converts the name into an IP address of Google. Then it follows the IP address to fetch you the webpage.

Now, due to a defective DNS server system, your typed address can not get resolved into IP. So you reach nowhere.

Verify if this is the problem:

Try typing the IP of the website instead of the name. That is, type instead of and you should reach the Google website.
Some other websites’ IP for easy reference:

If you are able to open the website by typing the IP as mentioned above, then we are sure it was the problem with BSNL’s DNS servers.

How to solve this:

Open your network connection properties. Usually you open it by double clicking on the LAN icon on your system tray, then going to ‘Properties’ and then ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ properties.

Now choose to ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and enter the two addresses and for OPENDNS.

Change DNS server addresses

Change DNS server addresses

Useful Tip
If OPENDNS doesn’t work, try GOOGLE’S FREE DNS SERVICE: and

Now save and close everything. Your internet should behave normal now.

Upgrade your Hardware

The default router provided/sold by BSNL on new connection isn’t usually the best one for performance; and this might be the reason for intermittent troubles, especially fluctuating wifi signal problems. Consider buying a mid-range wifi router from a reputed brand. Make sure the one you buy has a sufficiently long coverage for all the rooms in your house. Here’re a few you can look at:

The basic one that works great:

A little more expensive and robust:


  1. sethug

    thanks for your usefull & helpful message.

  2. Neeraj

    I had the same problem with DNS. But to my disappointment it didnt resolve completely. The I changed my MTU settings and it worked. Here is the detail of that in my blog.

    • Sundaram

      Hi Neeraj,

      I face the same problem now. Steps which was given in the website didn’t fix my problem. Can you please let me know the steps of changing MTU values?

      Please respond to

      I really appreciate your help in advance.


    • Hi,

      Please help me to solve the internet issue ( i.e DNS Server is not Responding ). I am facing this issue very often. Hopefully waiting to here from you asap.

      Thanks & Regards,

    • Shahinur Rahman

      Where is your blog address?

    • Anshul

      Yes,,,, Changing MTU settings worked.. the MTU was set to 1492 by default. i changed it to 567 which was the lowest values we can set. and it worked.

  3. Viva

    BSNL internet costs me FOUR TIMES what my friends are paying for similar connections from other better private service providers. BSNL is not at all professional. It should be privatized ASAP.

  4. ranvir

    it realy works man

  5. Arun

    This method is really good. in windows7 go to change in adapter settings & then rt click& select properties then select properties of IPv4 in that, do same changes as mentioned above

  6. Arun

    I dont agree with viva. Bsnl is good
    trust worth

  7. Nisha

    Bsnl broadband is the best compared to other service providers also cost effective..

  8. Naimu

    Here is my suggestion . It solved my issue (bsnl) .
    The fastest free DNS service , Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

    To try it out:

    Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers or

  9. mbmarx

    This is not DNS issue,It is because of modem settings issue.
    Correct WI FI router configuration to be made.I faced the same problem and resolved the issue now.

    You can visit … for more details.
    And the direct link for the configuration is provided below.

    • for me its working grate, lots of Thank you for help, i was very disappointed with Bsnl net with page loading problem ,after several refresh of the page it used to open but its working fine now. for me DNS and is working grate.

    • ubaid

      where is the link can u provide me the one thank you

  10. suraj singh

    my bsnl net is not working.all the lights on modem are glowing but when i troubleshoot it says dns server might be unavailable. When i try to open sites via proxy , still i cant access any site. It seems there is some other problem along with dns server problem. Please help.


    is it for bsnl broadband or netsetter (ALCATEL)
    please reply

  12. suraj singh

    its for bsnl broadband

  13. suraj singh

    also after changing lot of dns servers i got rid of limited connectivity and got connected to internet in notification area but still cant access any website…. Also when pinging proxy for google etc it shows time out.

  14. Rajeev Agrawal

    Wonderful!! You guys keep internet alive..Amen.

  15. pk

    getting delayed to get the connection. “server not found” has become a common slogan for past one month. bsnl broadband service in kolkata – 91 is a total crap. don’t know how private operators are

  16. Soumya Ranjan Das

    Works perfectly !! Keep it up..

  17. I cannot connect to my blogspot page via BSNL Wifi. But I can connect via Airtel 3G, Reliance Net Connect etc. anyone knows why?
    Thanks in advance

  18. sharanya

    i am not able to open any pages with my BSNL wi-fi.
    Can someone pls help

    • Venkat

      I guess it’s not working while using the cable as well?

      Did you try changing DNS settings as mentioned in this guide?

      Also try using a different browser.

      Try deleting browser cookies and temporary files.

      Open command prompt and type “ipconfig /flushdns” without quotes and hit enter. It will clear the DNS cache.

  19. Tushar

    Hi Guys!
    I have got best solution from here. My problem has been resolved. Thanks a lot gentleman!!!

  20. shambhu singh rao

    i have bsnl brodband conection and problem massage ikone show that “”invalid user id and passord”” actually my id and password correct how can i solve it broblem if you need id and password i can send kindly reply about it problems.

    mo 9610500407

  21. MAnik

    I have the same problem with my bsnl broadband connection , but after changing DNS i can’t get rid of ,, nw plz help how to change MTU settins as suggested by neeraj . PLEASe


  22. raj

    opted bsnl broadband of 8 mbps speed, but got maximum of 5 mbps after lots of complaint,worked fine for one month, now again the speed is 56kbps,

    bsnl is good, but services are poor

  23. hello i am using TP link modem i tried connecting modem with my lap using wifi but it is not connecting showing DNS server isn’t responding problem. ple help me to solve this problem

  24. The problem could also be of loose connection or wiring. These government employees often leave loose joints. Report your issues to BSNL department. If possible phone high officials.

  25. Avi

    This works ….

  26. Suman

    My BSNL connection speed is falling like hell at the evening..currently I am on ULD 900 plan..speedtest reslt showing ping 260 ms bt dnload speed is 2.1 mbps… too much ping..pls help me to resolve the problem

  27. Thanks for your suggestions, but for me neither this OpenDNS is working nor that Google free DNS configuration are working…I don’t know how to tackle this issue. Since here at my place BSNL service is provided, “as it’s available” and no support at all.

  28. Charak

    Well, the DNS fix is one major thing you can try whenever BSNL connections are down. especially when some sites open and some others don’t. However, BSNL broadband has a lot of other issues and net goes down due to those. You will have to call them and wait for the mercy of the staff.

  29. subrata chakraborty

    my broad band servis not working since last 10 days pl. cheack

  30. for me its working grate, lots of Thank you for help, i was very disappointed with Bsnl net with page loading problem ,after several refresh of the page it used to open but its working fine now. for me DNS and is working grate.

  31. sunil

    thanks a lot, it resolved

  32. jaffar ali

    Thank you very much. I was facing this issue for past three months. Now it was resolved from your solutions.

  33. Anshul Mittal

    Thanks thanks thanks
    I tried calling BSNL customer care but as expected, they didn’t listen.
    Firstly, I didn’t really think that this solution will work.
    I don’t even know how to thank u. U solved a big problem of mine

  34. param

    u r gr8 boss…. thanks alot…… it wrks best…

  35. pradeep

    hi ,

    i have a problem with BSNL , please help me in this regard,

    error says ,

    connection+between+router+and+access+is+broken ,please restart modem . connection drops every 10 minutes, Very annoying .

  36. manrex

    wonderful man it work link miracle thax

  37. Sonu Swami

    Oh! its Really Good….Thanks

  38. Qazi Tasir

    when i am trying to access my internet.. it doesn’t works sometimes and sometimes it do.. can anyone tell me what actually this problem is ..

  39. Vishwajeet

    Whoa Whoa … Great yaar it worked ..Dude .. thanks

  40. aaa

    Works perfect

  41. inmemyself

    thanks its really works !

  42. visiter

    it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. ubaid


  44. Nikhil Gautam

    I got a problem where my skype was able to access the internet easily but my browsers were not able to access the internet.I tried the following changes,

    I configured my network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers and it started working good


    Thanks a ton bro! It worked. You are awesome!

  46. sonu

    sir when i enable my wifi bsnl it will shutdown and reboot again and wifi not work properly plz help me.

  47. Ritesh Jain

    I am also facing this problem and cannnot browse using the BSNL broadband. I connect via WIFI so i don’t get these options to fix when i am browsing via different connection.
    Please help.


  49. Hi

    My problem is that I am not able to access the websites with the ip address as well. Any Suggestions?

  50. Kumar

    Hi All,

    My problem was with the below commands. I ran these command in Command prompts.

    netsh int ip show int

    This resulted me the following

    Idx Met MTU State Name
    — ———- ———- ———— —————————
    1 50 4294967295 connected Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
    10 25 1500 connected Wireless Network Connection
    13 5 1500 disconnected Local Area Connection 2
    18 50 1500 disconnected Bluetooth Network Connection

    I took the Idx number 10 corresponding to wireless connection in the below command.

    netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “10” mtu=1430 store=persistent

    To see the changes

    netsh int ip show int

    Idx Met MTU State Name
    — ———- ———- ———— —————————
    1 50 4294967295 connected Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
    10 25 1430 connected Wireless Network Connection
    13 5 1500 disconnected Local Area Connection 2
    18 50 1500 disconnected Bluetooth Network Connection

    Now all the websites opening for me which are not earlier.


    • Ayyamperumal.R

      This worked for me. Great. I use to use tcp/ip optimizer BUT now this simple dos command does the same.
      To set i used:
      set subinterface “12″ mtu=1430 store=persistent

      then to check i used
      set interface /?

      it shows the MTU set for those connections.
      Great DOS command and the credit goes to you ….

      • Arun Kumar.G

        Awesome buddy, it worked the moment i changed the MTU values..!! 🙂

  51. Santosh

    Thank u very much

  52. Abhay

    hey it worked thanks alot

  53. Thanks for the fix. I used Google DNS but had some problem. This one works fine 🙂

  54. Ratan


    My problem is that sometimes I get a yellow triangle with exclamation mark with internet icon in the system tray when all the modem lights are glowing and lots of outgoing and incoming bits
    activity. there is no internet connection. Any Suggestions?


  55. BPS

    I have an issue with my new DLINK 2730U N300 MODEM+ROUTER with BSNL boardband.

    I am trying to connect to cisco jabber application which is in my enterprise network. It says server could be communicated.

    At the same time, when I use my old modem from BSNL (conexant i think) it is working fine. I am able to connect.

    I have done a standard setup of the modem.

    Please help.

  56. sus

    its work but my mobile wifi not working pls fix it

  57. kannan

    i have bsnl and asus modem ,in modem dsl lights on but internet light is always off so no network is coming wat to do guys is any thing problem with my modem or internet connection plz help !!!!

  58. mehak

    your a life saver
    thank you
    it worked for me…

  59. Neethu

    I have a TP – Link modem. Last few days its showing DSN server error or SSN server error. Some sites are opening but not with full features. Please tell me how I can correct this?

    • Naveen

      I hooked up my new router TP-LINK TL-WR841N to broadband (BSNL).

      Internet access was working great in
      1. One of my laptops with Windows 8.1 OS was
      2. My Android mobile (Redmi 1S)

      But I was facing the peculiar issue of only Google, YouTube (IPv6) sites opening while all other sites (IPv4) not opening in
      1. one Windows 7 laptop
      2. Nokia Lumia 520

      After trying every solution suggested in the web, I finally hit this site. My router’s default MTU setting was 1480, which I changed to 1430. Voila! the issue is resolved. Thanks.

  60. avni prithvi

    This tip really worked man.. thanks a ton seriously!!!

  61. Sunil

    i bougth new router tp link TL-WR841N
    nd have a broadband connection of bsnl
    i m getting problm with some application on my android phone
    and some sites on my pc.
    theyy not opening only loading.
    please help to solve this.

  62. shweta

    thanks a lot… it works…

  63. parashurama

    We need bsnl land line connections

  64. afeef

    my moto e phons play store do not work with my bsnl wimax with digisol dg-hr3400 wifi router.anything else working like chrome .
    but working at other wimax with anather router.
    why is this i have to do anything with router or wimax?
    please help me.
    please help some one.thanking you.

  65. prateek

    thanks your trick really worked…thanks to ARUN also as his post guided how to apply it in windows 7.please edit to include how to use it in windows 7.

  66. Harry

    Very poor customer support by BSNL..!

  67. divya

    hey ! please help me . I can only open few sites but not all . using IP address also , I can’t open . whenever I try to open a site , there comes a page of bsnl broadband telling me to upgrade but the net connection works in mobile . how to solve this problem ? is this a matter of some virus ?

  68. Bhavishankar

    bsnl broadband.. link glowing fine.. dsl opening fine.. dsl settings are fine.. but unable to access internet

  69. nilesh

    sir, i have working in goverment office but their network is allow only goverment site like ‘gswan’.give me solution that how can i access all site.

  70. maniar

    i have bsnl broad bend when call cmes on land line adsl link discontinue
    how to fix ?

  71. my website do not work on bsnl server

  72. Thanks for this post, it relay helped me a lot

  73. Viren

    For me pnbmetlife and some other sites were not opening up, I started browsing for the solutions where most of the people are suggesting to change the DNS settings. However it was the MTU setting I updated from 1492 to 1430 as suggested above. And it started working. I updated the setting in my router itself.

  74. I’m also having the same problem. But in my case I’m could not able to save the settings after manually configuring the DNS servers in router. I mean nothing happens when click save button. Any help?

    Settings always go back to default.

  75. Ad

    Bsnl network goes down all the time there is no fix accept to upgrade BSNL.

  76. sahil

    i was using 950 bsnl unlimited play bt it was too slow i get man 60kbps {wtf} so i upgraded my cnectn to 1495 {4mbps as promised n i get 500-600kbps} i live in assam n i complained many times bt no solutionn i dont expect any. as far as i know bsnl is a noob cnectn n ppl r using it just for the unlimitd sick plans in which they cheat
    they r nt going to reduce money bt if u hav problems rather vd their sick**** they vl charging more in my nearest localbsnl office the old offices of high post i can garntee he dsnt even knows 1mb=?he kept an assistant to type his pc an u blev it

  77. Kaustabh Ray

    I am having a weird kind of problem. Many of the android applications cannot connect through BSNL broadband wifi but whenever I am switching to my mobile operator’s 2G or 3G services, it wotks fine. Is there something I can do like filling some proxy address in the android wifi settings.

  78. Muzamil

    I am able to login my professional application using BSNL broadband almost after a week. In this past week, I have almost spent 4 GB of 3G data. Thanks a lot for helping me and hundreds of BSNL users like me. Great Job sir, Keep it up

  79. pramod

    i have 4mbps speed plan selector and i pay monthly 999 but bsnl give only 229kbps speed then how to i reach 4mbps

  80. I am also facing same problem. I tried both ip addres but not solve problem.

  81. Excellent Post. I am a regular contributor of your blog. I have gathered some needful information from this blog. Keep update your blog. Waiting for your next update.

  82. gp

    thumbs up bro

  83. Please tell me the solution for that problem..Anyone help me..

  84. dheeraj bhatt

    hi windows changeing will sholve this problem???

  85. Santosh Kumar

    I use tenda N3 router and it is showing “Please check your hardware connection at the wan port”. I’ve tried the reboot option and also reassembling all the cables many times but nothing is in favour. Please do help me.


  86. Mathew Daniel


    I am not able to setup my bsnl wifi on my desktop, I have a wifi adapter which is able to catch my neighbors wifi listing but not mine. I can see the network on my laptop and phone but not the desktop.

    Its window 10 OS.

    Any suggestions?

  87. Subhrangshu Bose

    Thank You Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  88. Vijay

    Thanks a lot for the triop, it is working now.



  90. Jasir

    All lights ok but not working web browsing

  91. It realy works after puting google free dns now I am easily opening Govt. side

  92. Thanks for your valuable post

  93. Kantam Das

    network connection signal is ok. reply is ok. but while I am trying to open any website the message comes on browser page – ERROR 404

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  94. Sunil

    i am using bsnl broadband net connection from last one month. i cant access net banking ( HDFC ,SBI and LIC etc..). why it happens ? can anybody help ?

    • Rohit

      Hi Sunil, please try the DNS method mentioned in the main article. That should solve the problem as it seems related to DNS.

  95. Bsnl Service after 2016 is very bad in bareilly city.

  96. I have a BSNL connection and same problem thanks for sharing this post this is very useful for me………..

  97. Nice article thanks for sharing this awesome information…………

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  100. it worked for me thank you

  101. Great article for troubleshooting broadband.

  102. I have a BSNL connection and occur same problem
    Thanks for sharing …

  103. Mathan

    My bank broadband connection say DNS server not responding I am try more time to connect but not success what to do pls help me I want change modam or PC

  104. Mathan

    My bsnl broadband connection say DNS server not responding I am try more time to connect but not success what to do pls help me I want change modam or PC

  105. jai

    I am not able to setup my bsnl wifi on my desktop, I have a wifi adapter which is able to catch my neighbors wifi listing but not mine. I can see the network on my laptop and phone but not the desktop



  107. Rajendra singh

    In my case all other websites are opening except DCE karnatak. when am trying to open this, it shows : this site can’t be reached &’s server DNS address could not be found. How to fix this problem?

  108. Nithin

    But i dont have a system tò change setting, how can i change it using a android phone

    • Ziki

      @Nithin, you can do it from your phone. If you’re using an wifi router, you will need to change similar DNS settings in your internet router. Try opening the router administration page in your phone by typing in browser.

      Else, you can change the settings by going to Wi-Fi settings in your android, and then keep pressed your network name. It will open the settings.

  109. Good post on wifi issue. Sometimes internet connection also gives trouble and we think it is the wifi of the pc which might be fault. Good blog and keep writing more on other issues also. We provide computer and electronic name board service and this post was very useful for us to upgrade ourselves.

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  111. The post is really good it helps me to find the problem of dns in bsnl broadband.

  112. Irfan

    bsnl broadband now perfectly works for the dns numbers given for itunes software updates.
    but still website is opening, any other change required like hotspot shiled vpn to overcome this ?

  113. This post is really superb. Thanks for your sharing like this post.

  114. Medical Officer ,PHC ERTHAN

    bsnl broandband planBBG-combo-ULD-1295-C566 internet speed is very slow

  115. This article gave good information. Thank you for posting this article.

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  119. siva

    This information is very useful to know more details about the technology.

  120. Today BSNL Service is not enough good

  121. somesh

    i have the same problem too
    In my case some specified apps and functions are not working with BSNL broadband.
    I have changed the DNS so many times, but no use
    Any help please ??

  122. This is really not good by bsnl

  123. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information..Keep blogging…

  124. I have unable to connect bsnl WI fi
    Bsnl WI FI don’t working in my area
    I am from asop
    State rajasthan
    District jodhpur
    Village asop

  125. Nilay Choudhury

    Please share some resolution. Whenever I connect bsnl wifi, the WhatsApp keeps connecting on my phone. Although it gets connected, but it keeps connecting and waste time.
    I already use the DNS

    Note: Everything works fine when I use other internet.

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