A lot of “free” apps ruin the default internet browser in Android phone by adding spammy search sites as your default start page. These search sites often look like legitimate search engines e.g. Google. Removing the app doesn’t remove this problem. Some of us even went on and reinstalled the whole OS. That’s not needed. […]

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Most computer viruses come to you via removable media, be it a CD, DVD, USB thumb drive or an external hard disk. They don’t wait for you to run the virus executable program. How does it run then? It’s the AUTOPLAY in your Windows PC. Everytime you insert a CD (or other media), windows finds […]

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What is in SWF files. Now that you have got a lot of Flash games and puzzles etc. in .swf format, you must be looking for a way to play them. I want to be able to click and play the SWF files It needs a flash player and you go to Adobe website to […]

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So you got your new laptop delivered and unwrapped. What next? Obviously we are not gonna talk about charging the battery and connecting the laptop to power outlet and switching on. You already have done this, I believe. Let’s get started: 1) Do a thorough check of hardware and system configuration: Check DEAD PIXELS on […]

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Fake login pages are on the spree as more and more people are into stealing passwords and credit card info. Somebody will somehow make you visit a site that will look exactly like your email website or your banks online transaction portal. You type in your details to login and all your info is stored […]

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There are times when you wished you should be in the mountains away from mobile network reach. Or sometime you wanted to avoid a call but did not want the caller to know you are not picking calls intentionally? Definitely you will not switch-off the mobile. The caller will hear a message saying your mobile […]

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BSNL DataOne is one of the largest providers of broadband internet in India. Their tariff plans are also quite reasonable and speeds are not bad. BSNL has lots of plans to choose from and you can definitely find an internet plan that suits you. Most importantly, BSNL Internet plans are cost-effective. BSNL DataOne Broadband plans […]

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What is RapidShare? Rapidshare.com is a website where people upload and download files. Rapidshare provides the server space and you can upload your files there. Then it will give you a link to download the file. You can share that link with anyone and they can download the same file from Rapidshare. This is helpful when you […]

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What do you do when some website is blocked in your work place? You think of using a proxy server, or an online proxy website. Also there are times when you do not want to disclose your IP address to a website and try to browse through a proxy. Anonymous proxies tend to keep you […]

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Sometimes you might have noticed your internet speed is much less than what you pay for. Or the broadband internet started appearing slow recently? Though it could have been a problem at your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) end, there are simple steps to boost your connection speed to the maximum. The following steps are very simple […]

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