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What is Torrent and How to download Torrents

A Torrent is a small file (usually few kilobytes) with the file extension ‘.torrent‘.

The torrent file contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. Soppose you get a torrent file for a movie. That means it contains the actual movie file names, file size, where to download from and related info that you do not need to know. You just want the movie and the torrent file will get it to you. We will talk how it will get the movie to you.

Where to get the torrent file:

You can get torrent files for almost everything on the internet. Try searching for a particular movie, music or game with the word ‘torrent’ in a search engine. There are lot’s of search engines dedicated to torrent search only. Try searching ‘torrent search engines’ on the internet.

Torrent is the most popular method for downloading large files, mostly movies and games (Sometimes these downloas are illegal. Check your country’s laws).

Why torrent downlaods are popular:

Downloading with a torrent is most advantageous when the file is popular. i.e. just when everyone is talking of the movie or the game. At that time many people would be downloading the same file and hence everyone will be a souce for you because you get the file fraction-by-fraction from many users all over the world.

I have the torrent file (Few KB in size). Now what?

To download the actual stuff you want through the torrent file, you need a torrent client. The client is a small software (FREE usually) which reads the torrent file and connects to the proper locatons in the internet and gets the stuff for you. Your headache is over.
The original Torrent client was written in Python and it has been made open-source. It’s called BitTorrent. It’s still available. Do a search. We have many many free torrent clients available. Just download one and install.That’s it.

Now that you have a torrent client installed, your actual file download is very simple. Open your torrent file in the client. (using FILE->OPEN, or simply trying to open the torrent will open it in the client)
The client captures the torrent file and starts downloading. Do play-around with other buttons in the client if you like.

One thing you may notice is that, if your actual movie size would be 700MB, the torrent client will create a 700MB empty file while starting download. Then it will fill the file with data as it gets from different sources over the internet. Don’t worry, it shows the expected time to complete and will let you know when download is over.

Some examples of Torrent Clients:

If you do not want to waste time searching for a torrent client, go and download ‘uTorrent’ (search muTorrent) or BitTornado. Both are very small softwares.

A few Torrent Search Engines:

Also use normal search engines like Yahoo, Google, AltaVista etc. They will lead you to the exact torrent file you are looking for.

Let’s know of any issues you face. Happy Torrenting! You may like to know more on methods to download movies.


  1. Dexter

    “The client is a small software (FREE usually) ”

    What is this client. Is it called download manager?

    • Doc

      You can say it’s a download manager as it manages the download. But the download managers are usually softwares that improve download speeds and enable resumable downloads.
      In case of torrents, you MUST use a client.

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