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Did you ever buy anything on Ebay? Atleast seached for some product there? May be you wanted to buy something from Ebay but was not sure if it was safe. What if your money is gone and you don’t receive any item?

Here is what you want to know for your first shopping on Ebay.

Which website to go:

Ebay has country-specific websites. The website basically deals with users form the USA while similar websites are there for other countries also. For example: for UK users, for Indians, etc.

Even though you can search products on any Ebay website, it will finally redirect you to your country specific Ebay site after you tell your address for shipping. So it’s better to start looking in your country-specific site of Ebay.

Find what you wanted to buy:

Often, you will get the product at a similar price in your local stores. So why to take risk buying it online where you can not inspect the product before purchase? But sometimes it becomes important to search for a product on Ebay. There are things that are not available in local market. Also in some cases the Ebay items are much cheaper than that in local store. You can search for any rare item on Ebay. So it’s worth a search.

Check the product and seller:

So you found your product. Now check it’s description. Also click on the seller’s name and check their rating.

Item condition: new or used

Item condition: new or used

Every buyer on Ebay is allowed to put feedback and ratings on the sellers after the purchase. So read the reviews on the seller’s account and you will know what kind of seller they are.

Check seller's reputation

Check seller's reputation

If you have some questions regarding the product, ask the seller a question. That option is there. And the sellers usually reply instantly because they too frequently monitor their mailboxes for any queries coming from Ebay.

 Bid on item or Buy it immediately:

If bidding is there on the item, you can put your bid. If your bid is lowest, you will be notified to make the payment. Most products also have “Buy It Now” buttons. There you can pay for the product immediately and buy. However, you miss your chance to win a low-price bid.

How the payment is done:

You pay through your credit card or online banking facility of your bank. paymens are often instantly acknowledged. Some sellers also allow payments thru PayPal. Ebay can protect you incase a dispute arises.

I have paid for the product. Now what?

Your product comes in mail. Courier in most cases. Usually, the sellers ship it much earlier than the deadline allocated to them. They try for a better rating and feedback from you.

Ebay continously asks you to confirm if you received the product. Once you click to confirm that, you are also asked if you are satisfied or not. Any issues? Do say there. In most cases, the seller will replace the product for free. And if everything went well, do give a good rating for the seller. Atleast they deserve it!

After your first purchase, usually, Ebay sends discount coupons to you via email. This is to have you back on shopping. These discount coupons range from 5% to 20% in most cases. While buying something, you have a box to enter coupon codes. You enter the code and the displayed price gets reduced. So happy shopping!

(Do post here if you want a coupon code for E-Bay. I get plenty of them in my mailbox almost everyday.)


  1. SRB

    I will try one purchase of small value. What do you think about their shipping charges on ebay? Aren’t they way too high?

    • Doc

      Are you sure you tried to buy from the Ebay website specific to your country? Otherwise, ofcourse, you will see high shipping charges as it will be international shipping.

      Can you post here the page url for the product you are planning to buy on Ebay?

  2. Dexter

    Does eBay ever misuse our Credit card number. I have a bad experience with IndiaTimes shopping…. they actually misused my credit card number.

    • Eleena

      I don’t think so. eBay has it’s reputation to keep and the transactions are automated. I can safely trust them.

      I know about the frauds at Indiatimes online shopping. Why do you want to go there?

  3. Aatish

    I wanted to tell you about a FRAUD that ebay india portal is doing in the name of Diwali offer. Would you please publish my article?

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