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5 Dangers of using Proxy Websites

What do you do when some website is blocked in your work place? You think of using a proxy server, or an online proxy website.

Also there are times when you do not want to disclose your IP address to a website and try to browse through a proxy. Anonymous proxies tend to keep you safe because the other party does not see your IP. What they see is the IP address of the proxy server connecing to them.

Though many of the proxy websites appear to be safe and in genuine interest of people, there are numerous webmasters who run proxy sites with malcious intent.

A list of proxy websites:

Do a web search for ‘proxy’, ‘proxy websites’, or something similar. You will get loads of proxy websites list. A good one to

There are few millions of proxy websites on the internet. Hundreds are being added every day and you too can start your own proxy website.

Here are the possible dangers of using a proxy:

Risk 1: Your Personal Information is at risk:

All your personal infomation goes through the proxy server and the webmaster or owner of the proxy can capture EVERYTHING if he/she wants to. Thus your email account, banking and credit card details, all may get stolen. Do not ever do banking transactions using a proxy server if you do not know who owns the proxy site.

Risk 2: Phishing:

A proxy site may have been specifically designed to harm YOU! Some one told you to use the proxy and behind it there could be fake webpages resembling your favourite email provider or of your bank. You submit your credentials there, and the page says some random error message, e.g. “server could not be reached”, which is again smartly designed by the proxy owner.

Risk 3: You get banned in some websites:

Some proxy servers IP are banned in certain websites. So you will not be able to access those websites using this proxy. This is not a risk though.

Risk 4: Transparent proxies:

Many proxies do show your original IP. Do not think that your IP is hidden from the website that you are browsing. Rarely the proxy servers give you full anonymity.

Risk 5: Spyware and Virus onto your computer:

Many proxy websites show lots of popup advertisements and also try to install malicious programs onto your computer. These programs are intended to capture your browsing patterns and even personal information. Beware!

Keep yourself aware of these dangers and you can have a safe browsing using proxy websites. Do use very welknown proxies. Unknown proxies may just have been designed to hack your personal information.


  1. Jane

    You can use ‘google translation’ as a proxy. Proxy websites may get blocked in your school or office. Put your website name in the translate url field and chose any language-to-english option.

  2. Doc

    yes, It helps. But advanced filtering softwares do filter them as well.
    Even specific pages get filtered form yahoo or google’s cached files too.

  3. Deepak

    Thanks JANE! I tried using Google translation IT WORKS! But only for some sites only… Others are still blocked! If you know any way to open all the sites from OFIICE please let me know. My mail id is:

    • Doc

      Yeah. Advanced blocking softwares do block sites even from google translation and cache etc.

      Use some proxy websites that allow https. You can get the latest proxy websites at wwwpeacefireorg

      Give your email ID there and they send you latest proxy websites everyday. But I guess the proxy websites also get blocked in your workplace.

      You can also try using proxy in your browser settings. I am gonna write an article on how to browse blocked websites soon.

  4. Zen Of All

    Dont forget the drive-by exploits which most proxy sites are infamous for. It hacks your browser and does variety of things: steal passwords, open ppc ads, send SPAM..

  5. Amit Trivedi

    @Jane never tried that google translate trick, but the problem with these proxies is that not every feature of all sites works properly…though they are good when you’re accessing internet from a restricted zone!

  6. peacely

    Please introduce a welknown proxies Website.

  7. Bleh

    1. Run your own proxy server.

    2. Don’t use random free site for proxies.

    3. Observe local laws in some countries or isp’s its actually illegal to use proxies.

    4. Do not “send, store, signup” with data that is personal via proxy this is just common sense.

    5. Proxies are not designed for safety, they are designed to make you invisible or anonymous. Most of the time this is temporary, as most proxies have a decay rate of days or weeks.

    6. Think of it from the angel of using pay phone “light bulbs just exploded”.

    7. There is no such thing as 100% secure.

  8. Omg are there dangers in using proxy site too..i should be using a VPN or proxy software to avoid this danger.

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