Gas leaks can happen at home over many reasons: a faulty connector pipe or valve, improperly fitted connection or most importantly the conncetion kept open unknowingly.

When to suspect a leakage: You get foul smell in the air. You must be used to the smell while opening the gas during cooking. If you have  a gas-leak-detector in place, you may get the beeps warning ou of a gas leakage.

What ought to be done in case of such a situation? Let’s first see what NOT to do. (You will get tempted to do this)


DONOT: on gas leakage

DONOT: on gas leakage

  1. Do NOT use switches for ventilation. Do not switch on fans, ventilators or lamps. Switches do generate electric sparks and it will act as if you put fire to the gas using a lighter.
  2. Do NOT switch-off anything as well. The sparks are even more when a circuit breaks. Leave all electric things in the house as they are.
  3. Do not try lighting a match-stick in order to confirm whether it is actually a gas leakage or not. :)


  1. If you can feel (noise or flow) the gas is still leaking, try closing the valves and see if leakage stopped.
  2. If you are not sure. REMOVE all connections from the gas cylinder/canister. The cylinder is safe by itself when nothing is connected to it.
  3. Open the doors and windows to let fresh air in.
  4. The above should do it. Still if you feel like, call expert help.

Once you have dealt with the problem, take steps to prevent gas leakage in furute.

  • Replace defective parts.
  • Keep a window open where the gas cylinder is there.
  • Keep nearby electric switches OFF when not supervised.
  • DO NOT allow kids to play with the gas.

That should be the end of the problem.


4 Comments on What to do on cooking gas leakage at home

  1. Alley says:

    Good article. Also do check all valves in case you have a cooking gas supply from outside and not a cylinder. In this case you do not have and option to remove connections from cylinder. Just pay around with the valves. Keep windows open and call the gas company for help immediaately.

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