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Increase Your Internet Speed

Sometimes you might have noticed your internet speed is much less than what you pay for. Or the broadband internet started appearing slow recently? Though it could have been a problem at your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) end, there are simple steps to boost your connection speed to the maximum.

The following steps are very simple and easy to perform by yourself . Before performing them, do test your internet speed at any of the speed-testing websites so that you can compare your speeds before and after you followed these steps.

Some speed test websites you may use:

Now let’s do the tweaks to increase the internet speed:

Step 1: Remove spyware, adware and viruses  from your computer:

Malware and viruses are the most common cause of a slow internet speed. They are pieces of software that track your internet usage, monitor where you go on the internet and even steal your passwords. They are programmed to send your personal information to somewhere on the internet. Spyware slowdown your internet connection by taking control over the browser. They even download more spyware from internet and sometimes show you annoying popups while browsing.

Similar is the case with viruses. They do multiply themselves and use your internet to transmit themselves.

To clean all these spywares and viruses, use a good AntiVirus software and an anti-spyware. I can reccommend of ‘SpyBot-Search&Destroy’ for cleaning up spyware. They have continuously won the best FREE anti-spyware status.

You will see immediate boost in your internet speed as well as the computer speed after you scan and clean the spyware and viruses. Next time, be careful while browsing illegal websites. They are the major sources of spyware on your system.

Step 2: Disable update checks in all your softwares:

Open each of your installed softwares. Go to their settings/preferences section and disable anything that says of ‘check for available updates’, ‘get update news’, and all that sort of options. But leave your antivirus and anti-spyware settings intact. They need to be updated to keep your computer safe.

Step 3: Proximity for wireless internet:

If you use wireless network for internet, be as close to the souce as possible. The strength of signal can affect your internet speed.

Step 4: Stop Broadband bandwidth theft:

If you are on wireless netwok, make sure the access is protected. Other people might be using your unprotected wireless signal.

Step 5: Don’t allow Windows XP to hold back your internet speed:

Windows XP holds back almost 20% of your internet speed for it’s own rubish purposes like automatic updates, error reporting and spyware checks. In order to recover that much speed, do the following:

  1. Go to Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc
  2. Open the “Administrative templates”
  3. Expand “Network”
  4. Expand “QoS Packet Scheduler”
  5. On the right-hand side, open “Limit reservable bandwidth” 
    Limit reservable bandwidth on Windows XP

    Limit reservable bandwidth on Windows XP


  6. Select “Enabled” and put “Bandwidth limit %” as zero.
  7. Click “Apply” and “OK”. Now close everything. Go for a reboot.

Now again go to the speed-testing website and check your internet speed. I am sure your internet got a boost.

 It was not difficult, was it?


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