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How to play swf files using Adobe Standalone Flash Player

What is in SWF files.

Now that you have got a lot of Flash games and puzzles etc. in .swf format, you must be looking for a way to play them.

I want to be able to click and play the SWF files

It needs a flash player and you go to Adobe website to install their flash player. However, that flashplayer is a plugin for your browser.
It’s needed to play flash animation on web pages. You can also open the swf files in your internet browser now. (“Open with” Internet Explorer, for example.)

But that’s not what you wanted. You wanted a STANDALONE flash player to be installed on your system. Whenever you click open a .swf file, it should automatically play; independent of any internet browser.

Don’t we have a standalone player from Adobe?

There are many freewares that do this. But you must be looking for the standalone player that was available on Macromedia (now Adobe) website. But if you try to search it on their site, you will be redirected from one page to another. And the only thing they tell you to do is install the flashplayer plugin for browser.

Download Adobe Flash (SWF) player, Standalone version for your PC

Good thing is: Adobe still has the STANDALONE FLASH PLAYER available for download. Seems they just want to confuse people.
They have renamed the product as “Plash Player Projector”.

Latest version of this standalone flash player can be downloaded at:

Older version of this standalone flash player can be downloaded at:

Download it and keep it somewhere in your program files.
Now run it and it automatically registers SWF files to be opened in the flashplayer.

Now you must be seeing all your swf files displaying the Adobe Flash Player icon. Yes, they will, by default, open in the flash player. Now you can go on rip all the online flash games to onto your computer!


  1. Eugene

    Hi you saved me a lot of time. Please explain how you rip flash swf files in a batch from any website. Thanks in advance

  2. Harsh

    This was exactly what is needed. Thanks much

  3. Mitch

    You know what! I was mad looking for Flash Player from Adobe. And every other website said Adobe made it commercial and bundled with the products they sell.

    Never knew they have the up-to-date tool available for download.

    Just for people following this post, your SWF files will automatically use the flash player after you run the EXE. πŸ™‚ So keep the exe in your program files or somewhere safe. Then run it. My point is, don’t delete the flash player.

    Again, thanks for the article.

  4. Riyaaz

    Very nice tip and a timesaver!

  5. web designing chennai

    searching to download a flash player to run swf files. Thanks for the info

  6. Ashish


    I was really frustrated searching here and there, fortunately I found your tip; followed and succeeded.

    Thanks a lot again.

  7. Sharif

    I was searching to play .swf files in my pc thanks

  8. admin

    The latest version is Windows Flash Payer 11.1 Projector.
    Article updated with new link. Thank you all.

  9. Veea R

    Thanks a lot. Now I can play the 1000’s of swf games on my PC anytime I want πŸ™‚

  10. Ben

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  14. anthony

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  15. AldhiFadillah

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    Thanks a lot ; worked perfectly.

  17. Mo

    Hang on to version 11. From what I’ve read on the Adobe Communities forum, once they hit version 11.3, Adobe disabled the very handy “create projector” feature, which allows you to export a .swf file as a stand-alone executable (i.e. a self playing) file. This allows you to distribute it to any windows user, who can play it even without this software installed.

    Question: is there a (Windows) 64-bit version? And is the debug version available (32/64 bit)?

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