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How to make your cell phone Not Reachable

There are times when you wished you should be in the mountains away from mobile network reach.
Or sometime you wanted to avoid a call but did not want the caller to know you are not picking calls intentionally?

Definitely you will not switch-off the mobile. The caller will hear a message saying your mobile is switched off. That means you intentionally swiched it off!

So what if the caller hears a message like “the phone is not reachable”, or “out of network”?

Definitely I will not advise to buy a cell phone signal jammer. It will jam all your mobiles’ signal in the vicinity. You just want to make one of your mobiles not-reachable, right? And you also do not want to jam others’ mobiles.

‘Mobile not reachable’ is a good excuse for everything you wanted to avoid. Now see how easily you can do it. After all it was the operator’s fault. Not yours!

There are simple solutions:

Solution #1: No-signal spots inside your house:
You may find some places in your house with low/no mobile network signal. You can keep te phone there and try calling to it. If you hear ‘not reachable’, then that’s what another caller will hear too.
But it’s not fullproof. The signal strength fluctuates continuously and some time the caller may be able to ring your phone.

Solution #2: Switch off your mobile while not reachable:
Make sure you are not in the mobile network’s reach. Now switch off the mobile phone. The network will not get any idea of you switching off the mobile. Now wherever you go, the network will think your mobile is still unreachable.

Solution #3: Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch:
Yes, this works! These pouchs are available for purchase everywhere online and we tested with two purchased from different sources online.

These pouches are just like your mobile phone covers, or like your small money purse. See the pictures. Jut slip the mobile into the pouch and you are unreachable.

These mobile signal blocker pouches usually cost between $10-$30 depending on where you buy. There are some reliable online stores selling it. Here’re some more from Amazon India:

And a large one:

How it works:
Basic principle. FARADAY’s MESH. Electromagnetic signals can not pass through a mesh/net where the hole size is smaller than the wavelenght of the signal. So these pouches have nothing but a cloth made of superfine metallic strings. And this cloth blocks almost all signals in the widely-used mobile phone spectrum. And yes, this pouch can help you avoid detection of your mobile by it’s emissions.

Solution #4: Keep the mobile in metallic container:
The same effect as in solution #3 above can be obtained by keeping the mobile in a metallic closed container. I did not try this. Do try at home with your biscuit tin and let us know.

Problems being not reachable on cell phone:
Yes, there could be problems. You never know when you miss a very important call.

Another thing is, when your phone is not getting network signal, it tries it’s best to acquire it. And during that process it spends way too much of energy, i.e. battery power. So if your full charged battery gives 3 days of mobile usage under normal network, it may get drained out in 5-8 hours under no-signal condition.

I have NEVER used the pouches except on the first day they arrived by post. And that usage was only for testing. It’s good to let people know you do not want to pick their calls, than to be passively negative.


  1. Bulb

    @ Doc

    Nice one……..

    @ Yes, there could be problems. You never know when you miss a very important call.
    Solution:For every Network now one option is available to get a Message(U Should activate it)whenever u missed a call when u r not reachable……

    Keep Rocking …

    • Doc

      That’s there. But I don’t think ‘Missed Call Alert services’ are FREE anymore.

      • Sam

        So what doc? it comes cheap. almost free! if you are getting lots of unwanted calls, its useful to activate the missd-call alert service. and keep your phone nonreachable/swichedoff.

        Good article! Why don’t you let others know where to buy the signal-blocker pouch? anywhere in india?

  2. Abhi

    gr8 idea. whr in india i get the pouch? and have you tested the pouch yourself?

  3. Matroska

    was looking for this info. does this pouch u mentined work with all specrtum range? Thanks anyways.

  4. just do one thing only divert all call to any number. Which is not working. Or purchase cell phone call blocker it is active call manager. Not need to purchase the pouch.

  5. Kamlop

    The metallic tin should work, IMO. That’s because you might have noticed the cell phone signals go weak inside an elevator, i.e. an almost closed metallic chamber.
    Let me test by wrapping the phone with aluminum foil.

  6. Rick5

    well it depends largely on what frequency your sevice provider is using. I mean the signal blocker pouch ones.

  7. Lundener

    I put my Nokia 1208 in a metal biscuit tin, lid fully closed and it still received calls!!, put a rubber mouse mate under it (in tin) – no calls, mouse mat over it in tin and still rec’d calls!!

    Samsung smartphone, same test, no calls ever.


  8. test

    watch the above link and its simple way. it works!!!!!!

  9. thetelecomguy

    to save all the hard efforts: just pull the battery off of the phone while it’s on. This will cause a sudden disconnection without the phone being able to send it’s detach message to the network. No VLR purge will be done and the network will have no clue what happened and you will be “Not Reachable”

    How much easier can it get? 🙂

    • mani

      The problem with ur idea is that it will work only for 1 or 2 hours….

      after that, the message will be ‘The phone has been switched off’

  10. Kumar

    Eat perk and keep mobile inside your pocket

  11. Navin

    In nokia type *#92702689# to make it not reachable

  12. Mritunjay

    Hi friends,No need to worry to make your cell not reachable.Just do the following things

    Move to your Network settings and register with different network which is not supported by your service operator..
    As soon you see the message Registering……At once remove the battery of your cell and you have gone ‘Not Reachable’….Its very simple and doesn’t need any tool or technique or anything…..
    If you need to call just switch your phone on and go on….without any worry…

    Thanks You

  13. Piu

    i dont want to let others know that I am out of state.So, When My mobile is in roaming; then the caller(from my state)will hear in which language telling(“not reachable/switch off);my own state’s or where I am?

    • Doc

      Nice question!
      Short answer is: The caller will come to know you are out of state.

      If you are roaming, the voice will be in the new language (where you are roaming).
      The only way to hide is: TURN OFF your cell before leaving your own place. i.e. DO NOT use roaming.

  14. htc

    I have fun with, result in I found just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  15. shashank

    i appreciate the effort made to make cellphone users aware of these simple but very useful tips….i hope everyone will make use of these tips justifiably…..otherwise you will fall in your own ditch…..thanks

  16. venki

    the tip given by the “thetelecomguy is really awesome
    i tried ehile reading …it really worked
    fabulous tip
    thnx a lot

  17. Sadashiv

    I have heard when giving calls to some numbers, It tells please check the number and dial again, but the receiver knows that we are calling him, without a hint to us, is this possible

  18. Amit Trivedi

    Amazing, I am hearing it for the first time about these pouches to jam signals, can we order one in India?

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  21. raja sekhar

    Remove battery from phone but don’t remove sim from phone.vl give not reachable .100% it works try

  22. Divya

    am planning to travel to a different state without letting my folks know. Since my number will be on roaming and if I happen to miss their call, the operator will speak in the local language of the state I’m in. Is there anyway to avoid that ?

    • Priya

      even i am looking for the same question. does anyone know how to avoid it?

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