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How to Download from Rapidshare

What is RapidShare?

rapidshare-new-logo is a website where people upload and download files. Rapidshare provides the server space and you can upload your files there. Then it will give you a link to download the file. You can share that link with anyone and they can download the same file from Rapidshare.

This is helpful when you want to share a big file, say a movie of 700MB size, with your friend. You can not send it via email.

However, Rapidshare is not the only choice for you. There are similar and even better websites to host your files. Some of them are MegaUpload, YouSendIt etc. If you do a web search on Yahoo, you can get lots of online file sharing websites.

How do I upload my files to Rapidshare?

Just go to Rapidshare website and there is the upload box. Select the file on your local computer and click upload. It will show a progress bar showing the upload. Once complete, it will give you the link to download the file.

How do I download the file from Rapidshare?

Downloading from Rapidshare can be done in two ways. In fact, all file-hosting websites have these two methods. When you open a file download link, the website will ask you to choose between FREE and PREMIUM (paid) download methods.

Downloading from Rapidshare for FREE:

Choose ‘FREE’ option. Rapidshare may show you a count-down of few seconds before actual download link appears. Now you click on the download link and download starts. Also your download speed is limited to some 60-70 KBPS. Another limitation is that you can not download more than one file at a time from the same IP. If you are using a proxy server and someone else using that same proxy is downloading from Rapidshare for FREE, then you won’t be able to download. Rapidshare will say something like, “You are already downloading a file. Buy a premium account to download multiple files at the same time.”

After you download something, Rapidshare will ask you to wait for quite few minutes before going for next download.

Benefits of Rapidshare Premium Account:

In this case, you chose ‘PREMIUM’ while downloading and Rapidshare will ask you to login. Once logged in, you can download any number of files anytime from Rapidshare. There is no speed-limit. And they allow upto 10GB downloads per day. This is enough for you.

Should I buy a Rapidshare Premium Account?

A Rapidshare premium account costs around $11 for a month. You may go for that if you have many files to download from there. If you have small number of files, you may manage with FREE downloads. It can take some more time of yours. But that’s OK.

You can also share Rapidshare premium account with someone else in urgency. However, Rapidshare blocks the accounts if they detect too many people downloading using the same account.

Is it safe to download from Rapidshare?

It depends on your country’s laws. Many people share files, movies, games, music, everything illegally on Rapidshare. It’s upto you to decide what to download and what not. Though Rapidshare does not disclose downloader’s information to 3rd parties, it can do anytime.

How safe is my Rapidshare premium account?

Rapidshare is not the only place to share files. Sill many people try to steal other’s accounts. Be careful on your login details. Change the passwords frequently. And see the logs on how much downloading was done from which all IP’s. But if your account is not being used much, it’s better to let others use it, who can not afford to buy one.

If you have any more queries on Rapidshare, do ask here. And if you need a Rapidshare account temporarily for some urgent download of files, do let us know.


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