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Choosing BSNL Broadband Internet


BSNL DataOne is one of the largest providers of broadband internet in India. Their tariff plans are also quite reasonable and speeds are not bad. BSNL has lots of plans to choose from and you can definitely find an internet plan that suits you. Most importantly, BSNL Internet plans are cost-effective.

BSNL DataOne Broadband plans and Tariff:

There are variety of plans to choose form. Refer to the BSNL website for a detailed description of each of them.
The link is:

What is the best broadband plan from BSNL?

Assuming you are a residential user, we suggest you go for ‘Home 500‘ plan or ‘Home UL 750‘ plan. If you download a lot of stuff from the internet, go for a limited plan where night time usage (0200-0800 IST) is free and you get speeds upto 2mbps. If you are less bothered about speed, take the ‘Home UL 750’ plan that is unlimited usage at 256 kbps speed.

Further, if you do not want to fall into wrong billing and stuff, take unlimited plans. BSNL does the billing mistakes 3 out of every 10 times. And getting things sorted out with BSNL bills are the toughest job in the world.

The Customer Care at BSNL DataOne:

BSNL customer care does not exist! Keep it in mind before you go for a connection with BSNL. Any technical glitch may disable your internet connection for days, weeks and even months. Make sure you know basic troubleshooting of LAN cables and modems. Problems do not occur frequently on BSNL Broadband though.

How fast will be my BSNL Broadband?

The speeds vary within +-10% of what you are paying for. In most occasions, it is on the negative side. However, there are instances when BSNL provided 10 times the speed paid for. You should be lucky enough to get that chance.

Almost all limited plans have speed upto 2mbps. So a limited plan with night-usage-free can help you download lots of things from the web during the free-hours.

What if I need to change my plan later?

There is a minimum hire period of 1-3 months in most DataOne plans. You should be able to get your plans changed after that. Apply for a plan change minimum a week before the billing date. The change will be done on the next billing cycle.

How do I apply for a BSNL Broadband connection?

Go to the nearest BSNL office and fill the form. Give them Identity proof, address proof and PAN Card details. Give the initial deposit money too. Choose the plan you want on the form and also choose what type of modem you want. Finally get your application receipt and wait for few days. Sometimes they give connections in 2 days and sometimes it takes as long as 6 months.

Known problems with BSNL Broadband:

Internet takes long time to connect: Possibly this is the problem due to the less-responsive DNS servers. See how to change BSNL Broadband DNS servers.

Incorrect usage amount in bills: This is very common. You need to go to their billing department and talk. Usually gets sorted out in next bill.

USB connector does not work: If your modem supports USB conneciton, BSNL Broadband starter CD does not contain the USB drivers needed for that modem. Ask the technician to setup the USB connection or give you the drivers. You can later install the driver yourself.

Nobody picks up calls at the customer care numbers: No body sits there. Do not call.

Getting lots of wrong-number calls on the BSNL landline: The technician must have connected your phone to some neighbour’s used line, instead of a free one. Track the neighbour and raise a complaint. It will get sorted tomorrow.

Any other information you want on BSNL Broadband, feel free to ask.


  1. Smideep

    hi, everyone talks about increasing bsnl broadband speed by some method or hack? How is it possible?

    • Doc

      Ideally, you can not increase your bsnl broadband speed higher than what you are paying for. Some people try to login using other’s ID and hence get a different speed. And that gets tracked in few hours when the other person complains. Then BSNL takes your connection goes off for months …

  2. Faiz

    Good info. Thanks.Shall I apply for BSNL broadband online? What do you prefer? Applying online or going to the office of bsnl?

    • Doc

      Nobody checks BSNL’s online applications. I wonder if the online application form has been coded to send the data to nowhere.
      Better go to the nearest BSNL office and apply. Then you get a receipt with all the details too.

  3. Arup

    Just details? no idea of speeding up my home ul 750 plan? BOGUS

    • Doc

      Arup, let’s make it clear that you won’t (and should not expect to) get a broadband speed higher than what you pay for.

      In your case bsnl HOME750UL, you should get 256kbps download speed and 128kbps upload speed. Check these details on any speed-testing website. ( or use the speedtest web page of BSNL they might have told you during the setup)

      That means you should be able to download files at 30kBps approx. (note the B is uppercase. This is approx equals to 256/8)

      If you are not getting this speed, check out how to optimize your broadband internet speed.

      If you still think you should get more than what you pay for, there are some ways to STEAL other customers’ account and use. Definitely we are not going to discuss that here as of now.

      Hope this is clear. Let’s hear from you.

  4. debjit

    i wanted to know if its worth to switch from the home 500[night unlimited] plan to the UL750 about to leave home next month and i have to deal with a lot of voice chatting in the billable hours,leading to gargantuan bills[read Rs 5000 last month]..its already the 28th of this month..will the change be implemented next month?…i didnt change plans till date coz i didnt want to compromise on the speed,but my dad has an aneurysm everytime the bill lands up

  5. ky22

    yes if u apply for change before this month end, that will b effectve from starting next month. u hv 2 more days so do it asap. get the receipt for this change request if they give any.

  6. Amit Trivedi

    Beware guys, I use BSNL broadband and trust me it’s good for nothing…it disconnects very often each day and honestly, there’s little to no support from their end…take it on your own risk!

  7. I have 512kbps UL plan and i am very satisfied with it. If there is some problem then the big headache starts other than that everything goes smooth.

  8. Suddenly BSNL has woken up and they are answering and fixing things pretty quick. But their unlimited plans still suck and they are struggling.

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